Discrete Thyristor Stands Up To 1.2-kV+ Spikes

Discrete Thyristor Stands Up To 1.2-kV+ Spikes

Debuting as the company’s first discrete thyristor devices capable of withstanding voltage spikes higher than 1,200V, the SK225xD/SK255KD/SK625xD/SK655KD Series SCR switching thyristors are unidirectional switches designed to handle voltage spikes and power surges in incoming AC power mains. The SCRs can take up to 1,300V (SK225xD and SK255KD Series) or 1,700V (SK625xD and SK655KD Series) without malfunctioning. They are suitable for switching of 50/60Hz AC mains up to 440 Vrms. Additionally, they have high repetitive and non-repetitive peak off-stage voltage (VDRM/VDSM) ratings, ensuring reliable operation even when subjected to the high voltage surges common in commercial AC mains power in some areas. Typical applications include AC solid-state switches, industrial power tools, and line rectification (50/60Hz). The SK225xD and SK625xD Series SCR Switching Thyristors are available in TO-220AB packages and are sold in tube packs in quantities of 1,000. SK255KD and SK655KD Series are available in TO-218AC packages and are sold in tube packs in quantities of 450 (30 per tube).

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