Direct Mass Flow Meter Monitors Gas Flow

Direct Mass Flow Meter Monitors Gas Flow

The ST75V air/gas flow meter promises to solve air/gas ratio mixing problems and improve heat-treating process control, increase product output, reduce fuel consumption, and lower total operating costs. The meter offers an alternative solution for heat-treating process control that provides direct mass flow measurement for accuracy, operates over a wide turndown range, and supports all common and specialty fuel gases. It features integral advanced flow sensing electronics with the necessary measurement accuracy and repeatability for heat-treating processes. Sporting an in-line (spool-piece) design with no moving parts, other features include pipe diameters from 6 mm to 51 mm, male NPT, female NPT, and flanged connection options, and a 100:1 turndown. Standard accuracy is ± 1% reading, ± 0.5% full scale and the ST75V’s electronics are housed in a rugged, IP67 rated enclosure with dual conduit ports in either NPT or M20 threading. The instrument comes standard with dual 4 mA to 20 mA outputs and a 500-Hz pulse output.

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