DIN-Rail Monitor Vies For Machine Safety Applications

DIN-Rail Monitor Vies For Machine Safety Applications

Providing sensor-less monitoring of single-phase, three-phase, and DC motors, the DIN-rail mount SVM4001K Series standstill monitor uses electromagnetic feedback or back EMF technology to provide a method of detecting motion in virtually all types of machine-safety applications. Operating at 690V and frequencies up to 5 kHz, it is also compatible with variable frequency drive and servo-driven motors. The monitor module features selectable voltage thresholds and programmable time delays, allowing users to customize the device to their particular application. Residing in a 22.5-mm DIN-rail module, the SVM4001K monitors are available with either screw clamp or cage clamp terminals and feature a four-LED status display. A datasheet is available at http://www.wieland-safety.com/SVM4001  

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