Dimmable LED Panels Elegantly Handle Down Lighting Chores

Dimmable LED Panels Elegantly Handle Down Lighting Chores
LEDtronics Inc.

Offered as energy-efficient, vibration-resistant LED replacements for both fluorescent fixtures and tube lights, the CLL series ETL and DLC listed dimmable thin-panel lights replace troffers in most standard recessed T-bar ceilings. Available in three sizes, the panels are suitable for flat-panel down lighting in offices, hospitals, hotels, resorts, conference rooms, commercial areas, as well as in educational institutions. Model number CLL1X4-40W-XWW-101D is 1x4 ft. and consumes only 45W of power, CLL2X2-40W-XWW-101D is 2x2 ft. and consumes 44W, while CLL2X4-60W-XWW-101D is 2x4 ft. with a power consumption of 67W.

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