Digital Ultrasonic MEMS Microphone Is A Market First

Digital Ultrasonic MEMS Microphone Is A Market First

Knowles unveils what it is calling the world’s first digital MEMS microphone supporting ultrasonic bandwidth. It forecasts that the microphone will enable touch-less gesture recognition in smartphones and consumer electronics. It receives ultrasonic sound waves above the audible range of humans, up to 80 kHz, and uses those waves to triangulate an object’s location and movement. Beyond the ultrasonic mode, the microphone offers four performance modes including a low power voice activation mode. Specs include a SNR of 64.3 dB, a flat frequency response up to 20 kHz, a power consumption of 235 µA in low power mode, and a sensitivity matching of ±1 dB.

Knowles Corp.
Itasca, IL
[email protected]

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