Digital Signal Conditioner from Electro Standards

Digital Signal Conditioner from Electro Standards
Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL)

The CellMite Model 4337 from Electro Standards Labs., Cranston, RI, connects to a standard strain gauge transducer and simultaneously generates a serial output and a scalable ±10 V analog output. Features include a 16-character auto identifying display; storage for 3 calibrated sensors, each with integrated 6-point calibration and independent user-specified display setup parameters; and operation with a computer or as a stand-alone unit. When a TEDS-Tag capable sensor is connected, the unit identifies it and automatically loads its calibration data and display configuration.

Contact Info

Company: Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL)
Phone number: 401-943-1164
Fax: 401-946-5790

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