Digital Scope Packs A Price/Performance Punch

RIGOL Technologies expands its UltraVision II family of digital oscilloscopes with the MSO5000 Series scope. The instrument uses the company’s UltraVision II architecture, based on the Phoenix chipset that consists of two custom ASICs providing analog front end and signal processing performance. These chips are surrounded by Xilinx Zync-7000 SoC, dual-core ARM-9 processors, a Linux +Qt Operating System, DDR system memory, and QDRII display memory.


The company claims its MSO5000 Series delivers transformational price/performance capability in a bench oscilloscope. Features include a bandwidth from 70 MHz to 350 MHz, 8-Gsample/s sample rate, 500,000-waveforms/s waveform capture rate, and a record length up to 200M.


Fully upgradable, entry-level model users can add analog and digital channels, analysis options, and upgrade instrument bandwidth via software enabled licenses as their hardware requirements change. The MSO5000 Series is available now in six models ranging from 70 MHz to 350 MHz with two or four analog channels. Base pricing starts from $909 for a two-channel, 70-MHz unit. Learn more, view the MSO5000 Series datasheet.

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