Digital Pyrometers from Mikron Infrared

Digital Pyrometers from Mikron Infrared
Mikron Infrared Inc.

Mikron Infrared Inc., Oakland, NJ, offers the MI-IN 5/5+ Series of compact digital pyrometers for noncontact temperature measurement of glass and quartz glass surfaces. The standard MI-IN 5/5+ has fixed optics and is available with 100°C–1300°C or 400°C–2500°C ranges, with user-adjustable subtemperature ranges. The MI-IN 5/5-H+ high-speed version has a 10 ms response time while the MI-IN 5/5L+ is offered with three different optics to measure spot sizes to 1.1 mm min. All pyrometers have an RS-232 or RS-485 interface, integrated min./max. value storage, and a 4–20 mA output. Integrated laser targeting is optional.

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Company: Mikron Infrared Inc.
Phone number: 201-405-0900
Fax: 201-405-0090

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