Digital Pressure Sensor Works Round The Clock

Digital Pressure Sensor Works Round The Clock
Kobold Instruments Inc.

The PSC digital pressure sensor performs continuous pressure measuring and allows simple switch-point/transmitter programming without pressurization. For each switching point the contact function, reset points, switch types, and switching function are fully programmable. The transistor output is capable of switching up to 500 mA and analog output options are available for remote sensing. Ceramic or thin-fi lm cells give enable reliable repeatability and longevity even with wide pressure swings and the rotating display enables the switch to be used in difficult mounting conditions. For higher pressure ranges, up to 1500 psig, all wetted parts are stainless steel. A datasheet is available at   

Pittsburgh PA, 15205
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Company: Kobold Instruments Inc.
Phone number: 800-998-1020

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