Digital Level Sensor Integrates High Level Shut-In

Digital Level Sensor Integrates High Level Shut-In

The Model 2100 Digital Level Sensor (DLS) with integral High Level Shut-In employs patented sensing technology that ensures accurate measurement of up to two levels and eight temperature measurements in the same tank with a single sensor. A dedicated safety circuit ensures accurate high and high-high level overfill protection. The unit helps operators with production storage tanks meet Category 3, API (American Petroleum Institute) STD 2350 (4th Edition 2012) requirements, while mitigating the risk of environmental exposure to petrochemicals. Unlike other devices on the market that offer inferred level measurements, the Model 2100 DLS with HLS provides for a direct measurement of level and temperature, as the sensor is in direct contact with the fluid in the tank. Additionally, the component is intrinsically safe and UL Certified Class I, Div1 Group D for hazardous locations.

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