Digital Joulemeters from Spectrum Detector

Digital Joulemeters from Spectrum Detector
Spectrum Detector Inc.

Spectrum Detector Inc., Lake Oswego, OR, offers its SPJ-D-8 and SPJ-D-8OB USB-powered digital joulemeters for laser energy measurements and experiments. Both feature single and 2-channel LabVIEW application software for live display in J or J/cm2, graphic displays, wavelength correction, window transmission correction, background null, and controls. The joulemeter probes are powered through the laptop or PC's USB port. Probes include a 7.8 mm sq. pyroelectric detector element, one with a chromium coating for 1000 pps rep rates and the other with a black absorbing coating for high-output and flat spectral response from 0.1–1000 µm.

Contact Info

Company: Spectrum Detector Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 503-697-1870
Fax: 503-697-0633

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