Digital I/O Module from Sealevel Systems

Digital I/O Module from Sealevel Systems
Sealevel Systems Inc.

The SeaDAC Lite 8126 from Sealevel Systems Inc., Liberty, SC, provides 32 channels of buffered-drive TTL digital I/O and has a USB interface. I/O are configured as four 8-bit ports, each of which is programmable as input or output. A 50-pin header connects the module to solid-state relay racks to provide PC-based control of equipment. The device is offered in three form factors: as an external device in a rugged plastic case, as an embeddable board with standoffs, and as an iPorthole kit version. The module is powered by the USB bus.

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Company: Sealevel Systems Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 864-843-4343
Fax: 864-843-3067

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