Digital Controller Provides Easy-To-Use Graphical User Interface

Digital Controller Provides Easy-To-Use Graphical User Interface
Technical Manufacturing Corp.

Embarking in its next generation, the now improved STACIS III active piezoelectric vibration cancellation system features a faster and more robust controller than its predecessor and adds an advanced graphical user interface (GUI). The DC-2020 next generation controller is backward compatible with existing STACIS 2100 systems and features a dual-core processor with a PC-based GUI via point-to-point Ethernet or USB ports on the front or rear panel. When connecting over Ethernet, the DC-2020 creates the STACIS GUI in the user’s browser with no additional software or application program to install. Alternatively, users can establish the GUI via the USB with a provided executable file.

Technical Manufacturing Corp.
Peabody, MA

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Company: Technical Manufacturing Corp.
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