Digital Camera Calibration Using OptiLight LED 127 CLC Programmable LED Light Source

Fairport, NY -- Calibrating front-and-back camera sensors on cellphones and digital cameras is made much easier with the GL OptiLight LED 127 CLC programmable light source. Using the GL OptiLight LED 127 CLC, camera manufacturers no longer need to use complex color checking targets on their production lines. The OptiLight can provide two identical selectable color temperature sources (including D65 and D50) and several levels of radiance for calibrating both front and back cameras simultaneously. Since the OptiLight provides near-perfect replication of light sources like D50, D65, D75, A or TL 84 it can be used as a precise calibration reference for many types of optical instruments in manufacturing lines, laboratories, and test facilities. With closed-loop calibration control using a high-accuracy photodiode and thermal stabilization, the OptiLight achieves extraordinary colorimetric stabilization that suits critical production requirements.

A wide range of camera testing is required during consumer product manufacturing, which may include setting or validating camera gain and offset, camera gamma, and especially white point. In fact, most consumer and professional cameras need their white point verified for more than one type of illumination. Rapid manufacturing has created increased challenges while requiring consistent quality. The patent-pending GL OptiLight LED 127 CLC is a standalone or PC-controlled LED-based uniform source that provides an extremely stable tunable light reference in a compact size (8.5" x 9.0" x 5.1") that addresses these needs. GL OptiLight LED 127 CLC is designed with analog closed-loop calibration using a built-in high-accuracy photodiode and a compact integrating sphere, providing ideal source homogeneity. Its electronic feedback control and thermal stabilization achieve remarkable colorimetric stabilization without any flicker. The internal LEDs are controlled via an automated multilevel calibration procedure without requiring any external measurement device.

The GL OptiLight LED 127 CLC can be used to create almost any color source when controlled by a PC via USB connection or set with the built-in control panel. The optional GL OPTILIGHT Control Software allows the user to program a wide range of light coordinates, set exactly to the user's needs. Unlike other calibration sources available on the market, the product features a no flicker driver system which ensures absolute stable light, a feature which is particularly critical for camera calibration. The spectral range available is from 385 - 750 nm and the luminance range from 100 - 3000 cd/m.

Designed and made in Europe by GL Optic, a leading supplier of standardized light solutions, GL OptiLight LED 127 CLC is available now. For detailed specifications, free technical assistance, or additional information:
Call 1-888-7SAELIG
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