Digital Bargraph Panel Indicator Monitors tank Levels

Digital Bargraph Panel Indicator Monitors tank Levels

The KOBOLD TLI controller and display is designed to allow remote visual representation, control, and numeric value display of tank level when used in conjunction with a suitable sensor producing a linear 4-20 mA current signal output. Several optional input signal variations are possible on all configurations. It utilizes a bright, highly visible 101-segment LED bargraph display and four, 7-segment numeric LEDs. It is completely configurable through the front touch pad. Up to six relay functions are user-selectable and are displayed via the LED set-point indicator. The TLI offers an optional 20-point value conversion for horizontally mounted, cylindrical tanks. A repeating, (0)4-20 mA or 0-10V (jumper selectable) current output or RS-485 communication interface are available as options. A datasheet is available at  

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