Digital 3D Cameras from Baumer

Digital 3D Cameras from Baumer
Baumer Ltd.

TZG01 digital 3D cameras from Baumer Ltd., Southington, CT, are designed to replace multiple camera systems and are suited for robotic guidance and material handling/logistics systems. The cameras incorporate an integrated time of flight (ToF) sensor, lens, and LED and feature frame rates up to 54 frames/s, an acquisition range of 0.3–5 m, an IP67 housing, Fast Ethernet to transfer data, and a single-cable Power over Ethernet interface. The cameras provide data on target dimensions and position with a single snapshot that captures and displays both a distance and a grayscale image. Applications include viewing objects on robotic arms, automated material handling lines, and in logistics systems.

Contact Info

Company: Baumer Ltd.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-937-9336

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