Digi Launches Upgradeable, Commercial-Grade 3G Wireless Router

MINNETONKA, Minn. /BUSINESS WIRE/ --Digi International announced the introduction of the ConnectPort WAN. The 3G Wireless WAN router offers a secure, high-speed cellular connection for reliable primary and backup network connectivity to remote sites and devices. ConnectPort WAN can be used to remotely monitor sensors, SCADA devices in utility applications, and cameras for surveillance. In addition, the ConnectPort WAN, when used on Cingular's BroadbandConnect service, which uses UMTS/HSDPA network technology, is also ideal for retail/POS branches where enterprise class high-speed connections are required.

"Pairing the ConnectPort WAN with wireless broadband 3G service now makes reliable wireless remote communications a reality," said Larry Kraft, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Digi International. "Because the product is commercial grade and upgradeable, a quality-conscious customer's investment is protected as 3G wireless networks evolve to faster speeds."

The highly flexible ConnectPort WAN provides the functionality of a cellular router, firewall, switch, VPN appliance, and terminal server in one device and is the industry's first platform that is both upgradeable and commercial grade. Coupled with Cingular's 3G network, the ConnectPort WAN provides wireless broadband downlink connections at average speeds of 400-700 Kbps for primary and backup remote device connectivity.

"Customers now have the ability to securely access information and applications at broadband speeds anywhere a UMTS/HSDPA cellular connection is accessible," Kraft added. "The ConnectPort WAN delivers this speed for a wide range of commercial applications."

Featuring an embedded four-port Ethernet switch, two RS-232 serial ports, and one USB port, the ConnectPort WAN enables many different kinds of devices to connect to a central site using a single wireless connection. It supports Type 2 PCMCIA cards to provide maximum flexibility should a modem upgrade be required in the future. The PCMCIA card, itself, is enclosed within the ConnectPort WAN device to minimize exposure to breakage or theft. The rugged external antenna maximizes wireless reception, which is essential for remote locations.

Security conscious customers will also appreciate the available built-in VPN capabilities of the ConnectPort WAN VPN, providing safer connections via IPSec, DES or 3DES for devices such as POS terminals, gaming terminals, ATMs, and credit card machines.

ConnectPort WAN can be managed locally via a built-in web interface or remotely using Digi Connectware Manager, an enterprise class remote device management software. Digi Connectware Manager runs on a customer's central server. Administrators have access to one device or thousands for management, monitoring, alerts and troubleshooting. It also includes built-in Dynamic DNS server for mapping an Internet host name to a dynamic/public IP address.

ConnectPort WAN joins the Digi Connect WAN as the second family of Digi products certified by Cingular for use in its Wireless WAN Connectivity Service, the industry's first commercially available solution for provision of backup connectivity for the enterprise network.

The ConnectPort WAN is available now.

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