Digi-Key and Quickfilter Sign Worldwide Distribution Agreement

THIEF RIVER FALLS, MN, & ALLEN, TX /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Digi-Key Corp. and Quickfilter Technologies Inc., a fabless semiconductor company, announced the signing of a distribution agreement. One of the world's fastest growing distributors of electronic components, Digi-Key ships product to more than 140 countries around the globe.

Quickfilter Technologies offers a family of mixed-signal integrated circuits for analog signal conditioning and digital signal processing. Precision programmable digital filters allow designers to complete their designs in minutes, not days without the need to write a single line of code. Sensor-based applications are the primary beneficiary of the Quickfilter solution, which combines software and hardware tools for rapid design completion, high performance, and end product flexibility. Applications include industrial control and monitoring, medical patient monitoring and diagnostic equipment, wireless sensor networks, and many more.

In stock and ready to ship from Digi-Key are Quickfilter Technologies' 4-channel programmable signal converter (QF4A512), the single-channel digital filter (QF1D512), development kits for both products (QF4A512-DK and QF1D512-DK), adapter boards (QF4A512-PA), and the MSP-Mojo, a replacement target board for the TI eZ430 USB development tool. These products are also featured in Digi-Key's print and online catalogs.

"We are very pleased to add Quickfilter's unique products to our offering, and we are certain that it's products will be of consequential interest to the thousands of design engineers we serve every day," said Mark Larson, Digi-Key President and COO.

"We are delighted to have our products on-hand in the Digi-Key catalog," said Ed Rocha, Quickfilter's President and COO, " For many engineers, the first place they turn to when sourcing a new product is the Digi-Key catalog."

About Digi-Key Corp.
One of the world's fastest growing distributors of electronic components, Digi-Key has earned its reputation as an industry leader through its total commitment to service and performance. As a full-service provider of both prototype/design and production quantities of electronic components, Digi-Key has been ranked #1 for overall performance for 15 consecutive years from among the nation's more than 200 distributors (EE Times Distribution Study/ May 2006). Offering more than a million products from over 340 quality name-brand manufacturers, Digi-Key's commitment to inventory is "unparalleled." Access to the company's broad product offering is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at Digi-Key's "top-rated" Web site.

About Quickfilter Technologies Inc.
Quickfilter Technologies Inc. uses patent-pending techniques for implementing programmable ICs that allow an engineer to design a custom circuit for signal processing without the cost and complexity of programming a DSP. Using the Quickfilter solutions, "it is possible to create and begin operating custom-filtering solutions in less than five minutes." Quickfilter's products are ideally suited for sensors in industrial monitoring and control, medical equipment, homeland security, and engine control applications.

Quickfilter solutions comprise chips featuring a hardware-based, programmable, precision finite-impulse-response digital-filter engine and, in the case of the programmable signal converter, an analog front end and analog-to-digital converter. A companion hardware development tool and Quickfilter Pro software allows the user to quickly configure the chips for a specific application. This enables customers to rapidly complete a design at significantly lower cost while achieving higher performance. In addition, because the chips are readily reprogrammable, they can be reconfigured in circuit during design, at the time of shipment, or in the field.

Quickfilter Technologies Inc. is a private equity funded fabless semiconductor company founded in 2003 by Bob Silco and located in Allen, TX. The company is developing a family of programmable mixed-signal integrated circuits that convert noisy analog signals to clean, usable digital signals.

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