Digi Introduces XBee Wall Router

MINNETONKA, MN /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Digi International introduced the XBee wall router, a ZigBee router used to expand a ZigBee network's range. By plugging into standard power sockets, XBee wall routers are easy-to-install building blocks for self-healing ZigBee networks and ideal for creating robust Drop-in Networks.

"The XBee wall router's small form factor and ease of deployment make it perfect for creating Drop-in Networks," said Larry Kraft, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Digi International. "Installation is easy and completely unobtrusive."

The XBee wall router is designed to patch areas within a ZigBee network where signal erosion or loss occurs due to distance limitations or air interference. It also creates multiple pathways, increasing the redundancy of mesh communications to ensure maximum network reliability.

The XBee wall router can be used with Digi's ConnectPort X gateways, XBee embedded modules, XBee adapters, or XBee sensors to drop-in end-to-end device networks without the need for a wired network infrastructure. It includes two environmental sensors for temperature and light that allow customers using the ConnectPort X gateway to receive data for environmental monitoring and control. It also features a built-in mounting tab that allows the wall router to be securely screwed into standard wall sockets using the existing mounting screw hole. This prevents accidental unplugging of the device and reduces the risk of theft or vandalism.

The XBee wall router is now available for $79 manufacturer suggested retail price.

Drop-in Networking solutions provide the ability to network devices or groups of devices where no predeployed networking infrastructure exists or where access to an existing infrastructure is prohibited.

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