Differential Pressure Sensors from Kavlico

Differential Pressure Sensors from Kavlico
Kavlico Corp.

The P992/P993 low-range differential sensors from Kavlico Corp., Moorpark, CA, are suited for medical equipment and HVAC applications, such as variable air volume systems, filter pressure monitoring, duct airflow, static pressure monitoring, gaseous leak detection, and pneumatic controls. The MEMS-based sensors operate on a regulated 5 VDC supply, provide an amplified linear output proportional to pressure of 0.25–4.0 VDC, and are available in ranges of ±1 in. H2O through 10 in. H2O. The RoHS-compliant sensors have no position sensitivity and are protected against EMI/RFI and ESD. You can specify the devices with a frequency output.

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Company: Kavlico Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 805-523-2000
Fax: 805-523-7125

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