Differential Pressure Sensor from AST

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American Sensor Technologies (AST) Inc.

The AST5400 from American Sensor Technologies Inc., Mt. Olive, NJ, is a wet/wet differential pressure sensor to measure line pressures to 2000 psi with a turndown ratio of 15:1. The device can be used to measure differential pressure across a filter, monitor level in a tank, or calculate flow across an orifice plate. Features include no silicone oil, O-rings, or welds; complete isolation of media from pressure ports; digital compensation; ability to be installed into systems without five-way equalization valves; and a fail-safe condition on the output signal to notify the user of an issue and protect the system should the transducer experience a fault condition.

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Company: American Sensor Technologies (AST) Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 973-448-1901
Fax: 973-448-1905

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