Differential Inductive Switch Auto-Compensates For Temperature And Component Aging

Differential Inductive Switch Auto-Compensates For Temperature And Component Aging
Texas Instruments Inc.

The LDC0851 is promoted as the industry's first differential inductive switch, with a dual-coil architecture that automatically compensates for variations in temperature and component aging. The device detects the presence or absence of conductive material by using a coil drawn on a printed circuit board (PCB). This approach enables low-cost, highly reliable switching implementations for a variety of uses including buttons, knobs, door open/close detection, and speed and directional sensing. Switching accuracy is better than 1% of the sensor coil diameter, removing the need for production calibration and minimizing part-to-part variation. Unlike alternative sensing technologies, the LDC0851's contactless and magnet-free design is immune to dirt, dust or other environmental factors. The eight-pin LDC0851 is available now in a 2 mm x 2 mm WSON. Pricing is $0.38 each/1,000. For more details, visit http://www.ti.com/lsds/ti/sensors/inductive-sensing-whats-new.page?HQS=sva-psp-ssp-ldc0851-vanity-lp-null-wwe  

Texas Instruments Inc.
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