Differential Air Pressure Board from GrayWolf

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GrayWolf Sensing Solutions

The DP-702LH differential air pressure sensor board from GrayWolf Sensing Solutions, Shelton, CT, is for use with the company's AdvancedSense and WolfPack air monitoring instruments. The board combines auto-ranging and auto-zeroing technology to provide low-end sensitivity and a broad measurement range. It incorporates both a 250.0 Pa pressure sensor and a 10 kPa pressure sensor and smoothly autoranges from one sensor to the other, depending on the detected pressures. The board autozeroes both sensors every 2 min. to prevent sensor drift. Applications include investigating pollutant pathways, testing filter performance, determining pressure drops, and monitoring/logging positive pressure vs. negative pressure over time for adjacent zones.

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Company: GrayWolf Sensing Solutions
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-218-7997/203-402-0477
Fax: 203-402-0478

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