Diet Sensor And App Lays The Groundwork For Weight Loss & Diabetes Control

More of a concept and a dream than a reality, and around far longer and more popular than Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor speak is the need/desire to lose weight. There emerges on a daily basis new devices and diets that claim to be the ultimate weapons in the battle of the bulge and the final solution for cholesterol calamities.

Well, one cannot legitimately say that any or all of these devices and diets don’t work. First, they appear to work for the subjects pictured in the ads and, second, few users actually use them long enough to see the desired results. Many users purchase these devices and put them to other uses such as clothes racks, for example.

Regardless of the glut of weight-loss products available, and equally regardless of their efficaciousness, there is always a need/desire for more. This means there is room for and will be more, and even more, evermore. And here is one more.

Here’s One More

CES 2016 Best of Innovation Awards Honoree, DietSensor has launched its DietSensor app for Apple iPhone. An Android version will debut at CES, January 2017. Said to target diabetes and obesity, the app offers easy-to-use tools that count carbohydrates, track nutrition, and monitor fitness. It also provides instantly available nutrition and fitness coaching.

DietSensor and app for Apple's iPhone

For type 1 and type 2 diabetes, counting carbohydrates on a daily basis is critical. As one of the precursors to diabetes is obesity, the app measures total nutritional intake. Additionally, it connects to currently available fitness devices and apps such as Fitbit, Jawbone, Runkeeper, and several others.

Basic Operation

Users start by creating a personal profile, after which the app creates a personalized nutritional plan. This plan outlines meal times and total food intake based on user-defined goals, whether they are based on controlling diabetes or losing weight. Users can track all fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Via the app’s nutritional coach, they receive advice plus food or portion size recommendations based on daily data and initial goals.

Valuable Add Ons

Subscribers to DietSensor’s Ultimate plan have the option to use the pocket-sized SCiO spectrometer, an add-on device developed by Consumer Physics that gathers information on the molecular make-up of homogenous food types, such as beef, fish, fruit, bread, milk, and 80 other food types. It generates chemical and nutritional data, fed directly into the app via Bluetooth. DietSensor can also connect to an optional Bluetooth-enabled digital scale to weigh food portions and send data directly into the app.

The app also supports traditional strategies. Users can access an internal nutritional database that contains more than 600,000 items from 19 countries in 12 languages to find the value of any type of food. They can also scan a product’s barcode to pull in the data, or add favorite foods to a personal gallery.

How To Get It & More Info

DietSensor offers basic, premium, and ultimate subscription plans. During the launch only, subscribers get 20% off their subscription. For more information and to acquire, visit My DietSensor App

Learn about DietSensor

Learn about DietSensor and Diabetes

Learn about DietSensor and Obesity

Learn about DietSensor and Physical Fitness

The Ultimate Question

As expected, if you go to the company’s website, you will see testimonials in favor of DietSensor given by reputable professionals. And once again, if this diet/fitness product does exactly what it claims, which it should have no problem doing, then it is a valid offering.

Make note that the product’s creator makes no claims you will lose weight, control your diabetes, and/or get into such great physical shape that you could crack walnuts with your glutes. As always, and with any weight loss product, the end mechanism is the user. The desire and willingness to act and follow through need to be present and strong. If not, just know that DietSensor is too small to hang your clothes on. ~MD

DietSensor, Inc. ~ Mansour Karimzadeh ~ 408-694-2934 ~

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