Dew-Point Hygrometer from Michell Instruments

Dew-Point Hygrometer from Michell Instruments
Michell Instruments Inc.

The MDM300 from Michell Instruments Inc., Danbury, CT, is a portable hygrometer for moisture content measurements in the field. Based on the company's ceramic sensor technology, the device measures dew points to –95°F in <10 min. with an accuracy of better than ±1.8°F. Avoiding the use of dessicant lets the device provide continuous high-speed operation for up to 6 measurements/hr. Operating range is –150°F to 70°F. Features include a steel fiber-loaded polyamide case, NEMA 4-rated protection, a weight of <3 lb., logging capabilities, Bluetooth wireless download of data, a fixed orifice sample system, and rechargeable NiMH battery.

Contact Info

Company: Michell Instruments Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 978-484-0005

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