Development Platform Advances Battery-Free Sensors And Actuators

Development Platform Advances Battery-Free Sensors And Actuators
Farsens S.L.

The Medusa development platform allows users to design battery- and wire-free sensor and actuator applications via RF energy harvesting. Supporting UHF RFID battery-free devices, Medusa includes an ANDY100 chip with EPC C1G2 communication and a MSPG2233IPW20 microcontroller from Texas Instruments. The platform harvests energy from the RF field created by the RFID reader to power up the ANDY100 IC, the microcontroller, and related circuitry and devices. The ANDY100 chip works under standard EPC C1G2 commands so no proprietary or custom commands are necessary. Any commercial UHF RFID reader will work by programing with the correct standard commands. For more details and specs, visit  

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