Development Kit First For Automotive Security

Deemed an industry first, Microchip Technology’s CryptoAutomotive in-vehicle network (IVN) TrustAnchor/Border Security Device (TA/BSD) development kit enables OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to introduce security to networked vehicle systems, starting in areas of priority, with the highest level of protection and without disruption elsewhere. The kit emulates a secure node in an automotive network and provides an intuitive starting point for implementing security.


Designed to be flexible, the tool allows manufacturers to configure the node to conform to various specifications and industry standards. It demonstrates secure key storage, Electronic Control Unit (ECU) authentication, hardware-based crypto accelerators and other cryptographic elements. When used with a host microcontroller, it enables users to implement functions such as secure boot and Controller Area Network (CAN) message authentication, including conversion of CAN 2.0 messages to CAN Flexible Data rate (CAN-FD) with appended Message Authentication Codes (MAC) when appropriate.

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With the companion approach, the TA/BSD emulation kit enables OEMs to continue using their existing microcontrollers (MCUs) and, more importantly, existing MCU firmware certified to required safety standards by later adding the companion chip the kit emulates. These companion chips will come preprogrammed and include integrated security measures to provide true hardware-based key protection.


The tool can be used with any ECU, architecture, configuration or bus and the companion chip solution requires minimal MCU code updates. Additionally, it provides an online graphical user interface program with pre-configured options.


The CryptoAutomotive Security ICs TA/BSD development kit (DM320112) is available now for $250. For additional information, checkout the CryptoAutomotive datasheet.


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