Development Kit Eases ADAS/AV System Design

D3 Engineering’s DesignCore RVP-TDA2Px Development Kit for autonomous systems development features Texas Instrument’s TDA2Px SoC processor and 4 Gbps FPD-Link III SerDes interface.  The Rugged Vision Platform (RVP) allows rapid technology evaluation and system development under realistic on-vehicle conditions. It accelerates development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle (AV) systems and provides a streamlined path to production.


Automotive applications include camera monitoring systems (CMS) such as multi-camera/multi-display mirror replacement, 3D surround view with car black box, and front or rear cameras with analytics; driver monitoring; stereo vision; sensor fusion (radar, ultrasonic, and LiDAR); and in-vehicle infotainment and telematics. Other applications include autonomous shipping and transportation, autonomous guided vehicles (AGV), collaborative robotics, and industrial vehicles.

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The kit includes an optimized, production-intent SOM processor board, customizable baseboard, and firmware. The SOM processor board features a TDA2Px/DRA77xP SoC processor with internal ISP. The SOM layout and BOM are optimized for production.


The customizable baseboard supports eight 4Gps FPD-Link III SerDes capture streams with real-time processing and analytics. Four independent FPD-Link III display outputs are 1080p 60fps capable. The baseboard also has an expansion interface and multiple connectivity options. The automotive 9 to 40 Vdc power input stage has protection to 60 Vdc and reverse battery protection. Firmware in the kit includes an advanced vision software framework from D3 Engineering and the Processor SDK-Vision (Vision SDK) software framework from Texas Instruments.


The enclosure is compact and rugged for on-vehicle or field testing. It is designed to support IP64 environmental ratings with a path to IP67. The RVP-TDA2Px Development Kit is available now through D3 Engineering Design Services. The kits will be available for online purchase in November 2018 for $3,850.  Get even greater insights by perusing the RVP-TDA2Px Development Kit datasheet.

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