Development Kit Accelerates Wearable Designs

Development Kit Accelerates Wearable Designs
PNI Sensor Corp.

The SENtrode debuts as the first wearable development kit integrating sensors, a SENtral sensor hub, sensor fusion algorithms, programmable processor, and wireless capabilities into a bracelet-sized form factor. It promises to speed the design-to-delivery of smartwatches, activity and wellness monitors, and other wearables that employ sensors. Also available is a second version of SENtrode in a separate housing fit for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as smart home appliances and connected sensor networks. SENtrode for wearables measures 31.55 mm x 37.15 mm x 8.28 mm with a bracelet and SENtrode for IoT devices is 31.55 mm x 37.55 mm x 8.65 mm. Kits are priced at $299 each. For more details and specs, visit  

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