Deutschmann Automation Selects Innovasic RapID Platform

ALBUQUERQUE, NM, -- Deutschmann Automation and Innovasic Semiconductor are pleased to announce that Deutschmann has incorporated Innovasic's RapID Platform and fido1100 Communications Controller into their UNIGATE IC and UNIGATE CL Profinet gateway products. The UNIGATE CL is a protocol converter solution for all field devices with serial interfaces. The UNIGATE IC is a protocol converter that supports integration directly into industrial automation equipment. Innovasic's RapID Platform solution provides the communication processing in these gateway products. While evaluating Innovasic's solution Deutschmann found that Innovasic's 66 MHz fido1100 outperformed a 200 MHz RISC solution and provided higher reliability.

"We are pleased that Deutschmann has selected the fido1100 and our RapID Platform. Its unique architecture offers exceptional performance for Industrial Ethernet connectivity," said Tom Weingartner, VP Marketing at Innovasic Semiconductor. "Now that these UNIGATE products are on the market, OEM customers have access to a greater range of high-performance fido-based solutions for implementing Profinet—from plug-in modules to chip-level solutions." he concluded.

"This is the second protocol we have implemented on the Innovasic platform and we are very pleased with the performance of the fido1100 and the RapID Platform, as well as with the outstanding support we have received from Innovasic," said Gunther Lawaczeck, CTO and Managing Director of Deutschmann.

About Innovasic Semiconductor
Innovasic Semiconductor provides extended life semiconductor solutions for customers who have products with long life-cycles. The company's processors, communication controllers and mixed signal devices are key components in industrial automation equipment, transportation systems, instrumentation, and medical devices. Innovasic's newest System on a Chip (SoC) solutions enable customers to quickly integrate real-time Industrial Ethernet into their product lines at the lowest cost and with obsolescence protection. Extending the life of its customers' products has established Innovasic as a trusted partner and an approved supplier to leading electronic system manufacturers worldwide.

About Deutschmann Automation
Deutschmann Automation has been working in the sector of automation engineering for 33 years, having become known with electronic cam controls in the early eighties. The company has been working in the sector of industrial communication for 14 years, developing and manufacturing products for communication with field buses and Industrial Ethernet. The UNIGATE Series of products covers single-chip solutions for integration in customer products, DIN rail gateways from serial port to field buses and Industrial Ethernet, as well as gateways for linking various field buses and Industrial Ethernet.

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