Detachable HD Camera System Provides Quick Setups

THine, California Eastern Laboratories (CEL), and Keyssa unveil a HD Camera Proof of Concept solution for ruggedized detachable HD cameras. The detached HD camera enclosure can be water and/or oil proof to accommodate severe outdoor environment conditions. The detachable HD camera solution solves the following problems facing advanced vision systems:

  • Provides high resolution, high frame rate, and low latency to capture and display an accurate image
  • Performs under severe environments including those requiring water and oil-proof enclosures
  • Delivers quick video streaming immediately after “snap-on” connection of the rugged detachable camera
  • The cable-less connection to the camera provides a safer environment for wearable applications by avoiding accidents from cables getting interlaced with clothing or nearby objects


The Proof of Concept solution uses one of THine’s latest chipsets with a MIPI CSI-2 interface, which is a common output of high-resolution cameras, and outputs V-by-One HS video. The V-by-One HS protocol is a standard developed by THine Electronics for video transmission up to 4 Gb/s per lane for greater than 10 meters. It uses a proprietary encoding scheme along with a clock data recovery- (CDR-) based serializer/deserializer (SERDES) technology. A single Keyssa chip wirelessly transmits V-by-One HS with 60-GHz technology over about a centimeter, which penetrates plastics. The system can operate with no compression-induced delay due to the highspeed signal transfer capability of the Keyssa and THine technologies.

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Also, the Proof of Concept allows unique system architectures such as multiple snap-on cameras with one contactless interface, and one snap-on cameras with multiple contactless interfaces. Applications include, but are not limited to, wearable/body-top devices for XR (AR/VR/MR), smartphones, tablet-type or lap-top computers, surveillance cameras, home/business security cameras, machine vision, document scanners, medical equipment, and automotive devices.


 For more knowledge, visit THine Electronics, California Eastern Laboratories, and Keyssa Systems.

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