DesignCon 2015 Announces Winners of Best in Design & Test Awards and Names the Engineer of the Year

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- From its 20th anniversary event, DesignCon today announced the winners of the Best in Design & Test Awards, recognizing the best product advancements in electronic engineering. The premier conference for chip, board and systems design engineers in the high-speed communications and semiconductor communities, DesignCon is being held this week, January 27-30, at the Santa Clara Convention Center. For additional information please visit:

The DesignCon Best in Design & Test Awards recognize the best of the best in terms of engineering and new product advancements at the chip, board, or system level, with a special emphasis on signal integrity and power integrity. From the ChipHead Theater onsite, DesignCon announced winners across nine distinct categories:

•General Purpose Test: VirtualBench, National Instruments
•Signal Integrity/High-Speed Test: SV3C CPRX 4-Lane C-PHY Analyzer, Introspect Technology
•Semiconductor/IP: Semiconductor Test System (STS) Series, National Instruments
•RF/Microwave Test: PXI Vector Network Analyzer, Keysight Technologies
•Power/Analog Tools: WEBENCH PCB Export, Texas Instruments
•Interconnect Technologies & Components: Xpedition Package Integrator, Mentor Graphics
•EMI Design Tools & Test: R&S RTE Digital Oscilloscope, Rohde & Schwarz
•Design Verification Tools: Valydate VERA, Valydate Inc.
•Board & System Design & Simulation: Xpedition Enterprise, Mentor Graphics

"The winners of this year's Best in Design & Test awards represent some of the most exciting technologies and methodologies available today," said DesignCon Technical Program Director Janine Love. "We're honored to recognize these nine innovative products and extend congratulations to all nominees."

DesignCon also named the Engineer of the Year winner, Michael Steinberger, Lead Architect at SiSoft, based on his leadership, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking he brings to the design/test community. As in previous years, the Engineer of the Year Award was sponsored by National Instruments, who provided a $10,000 grant or scholarship to the educational institution of Steinberger's choice, the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

"I attended Caltech as an undergraduate, graduating in 1974. Four decades later, the education I received at Caltech continues to serve me well," said Steinberger in an interview with EDN. "The Caltech environment is very special. The tolerance for diversity, though not perfect, is much greater there than I have seen in any other community. As a result, Caltech offers gifted students a better chance to sort themselves out than they're likely to find anywhere else."

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