Delta Unveils Power Conditioning System

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Delta Group debuts its latest Power Conditioning System (PCS) at Solar Power International. Designed to convert power between static energy storage and the grid with top-of-the-line efficiency, Delta's PCS is a bi-directional conversion system that offers both energy management and power quality management capabilities. The company is also showcasing its comprehensive line of 3-phase photovoltaic (PV) inverters, which convert direct current (DC) output from a photovoltaic system into a utility frequency alternating current (AC) output, for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Power Conditioning System

Delta has introduced its new 480 VAC/125kW PCS to enhance the value of energy storage and ensure interconnectivity and quality power between renewable sources, energy storage technologies, the power grid, and consumers. Serving as the cornerstone of the company's new line of energy products, the bi-directional system works by converting AC power from the grid and photovoltaic inverters to DC power for static energy storage applications. When called upon, the PCS converts the stored energy back to AC power for seamless use by end users. With an impressive high-efficiency peak of 97.8 percent and a California Energy Commission (CEC) efficiency of 97.6 percent, Delta's PCS ensures that consumers are getting the most out of their renewable resources and grid energy purchases. The solution, which is scalable up to 500 kW in parallel configuration, is designed for easy installation with straightforward wiring and integrated AC/DC switches. The Delta PCS solution also includes energy management and power quality management add-on features.

For commercial and industrial structures, the Energy Management application has a Peak Shaving Mode that allows for increased control over energy consumption and demand charges, such as fees based on a customer's peak utility energy usage during a billing cycle, typically measured as a 15-minute interval. In this mode, when peak power consumption exceeds average value, the system will dispatch stored energy to reduce the amount of energy purchased from the grid, thus lowering utility costs.

For power providers, the Grid Power Quality Management application can compensate for poor grid voltage and frequency by providing both reactive and active power.

3-Phase PV Inverters

Also on display will be Delta's line of 3-phase PV inverters (80/60/42/32/28/24 kW), which offer energy conversion solutions for commercial facilities and utility scale projects. Earlier this year, Delta released its latest inverter model, the M80U, vertical and horizontal mount UL listed 80kW transformerless string inverter with an industry-leading peak efficiency of 98.8 percent and a California Energy Commission (CEC) efficiency of 98.5 percent. Each of Delta's inverters boasts easy installation, maximum efficiency and a much wider power range than competing alternatives.

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