Delta FlushIQ Toilets Deliver Smart Technology and High Performance

INDIANAPOLIS -- Delta Faucet reports leading consumer concerns in the bathroom focus on the fear of toilet overflow and touching the tank lever. The latest Delta product innovation, FlushIQ™ Technology, addresses these concerns and more, offering consumers a solution with overflow protection, leak detection and a touch-free flush.

"FlushIQ™ Technology is an intelligent, innovative system working to give the homeowner peace of mind by helping to protect against overflows and leaks," said Joshua Feldman, Delta® brand product manager. "The toilets incorporate smart thinking that anticipates people's needs and addresses efficiency. This innovation showcases exactly what our brand strives to achieve."

Delta toilets are designed for consumers and professionals who seek high performance and water-efficiency. Delta FlushIQ™ technology delivers multiple benefits with three key innovations in one smart toilet:
• Overflow Protection: A sensor on the back of the bowl monitors the water level and if the level rises to a critical point, the sensor will prevent additional flushes until the issue is resolved.
• Leak Detection: A built-in sensor identifies possible tank leaks, potentially saving money and water. If the water level drops and breaks contact with the sensor, the LED indicator will change to solid yellow the next time the toilet is flushed.
• Touch-Free Flush: A simple wave of the hand activates a strategically-positioned sensor on the tank to flush.

Delta toilets feature an exclusive, pre-assembled SmartFit® tank-to-bowl connection that installs quickly and reduces potential leak points. In addition, a slow-close seat prevents slamming and the quick release feature allows users to easily remove the seat for cleaning. Offering maximum flush power while saving money, Delta® toilets are WaterSense® labeled1, offering savings of more than $110 per year in reduced water bills.2

1 WaterSense is a registered trademark of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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