Delco Remy 38MT+ Gear Reduction Starter Now Available

PENDLETON, IN -- Remy International, Inc., manufacturer of Delco Remy heavy duty starters and alternators, as well as Remy light duty starters and alternators, announces the official launch of the Delco Remy 38MT+ heavy duty starter. With the addition of the 38MT+, Remy now has a starter for every application in the North America truck market.

The 38MT+(P/N 8200977), which is designed to fit Paccar MX 11 and 13 liter engines, packs the punch of leading Delco Remy starters like the 39MT™ and the 44MT™, but in a unit that is smaller and lighter.

"We took all of our learning over the last decade that we had from the 38MT™, 39MT and 44MT and built this newest model with the same level of cranking power and reliability -- but in a smaller, lighter frame," says Randy Andis, Director of Aftermarket Operations. "It gives our customers a solid alternative for Paccar engines."

The key features and benefits found on the 38MT+ heavy duty starter include:
1. Integrated Over Crank Protection (IOCP)*, a built-in circuit breaker that protects the starter from thermal damage and automatically resets at a safe operating temperature while eliminating the need for a wiring harness.
2. Integral Magnet Switch (IMS) that reduces voltage drop and ensures the solenoid receives the maximum available voltage in any starting condition.
3. Electrical soft-start to consistently and accurately engage the pinion with the ring gear, providing increased reliability.
4. Warranty options, including non-OCP model with 1 year/unlimited miles and integrated OCP model with 3 years/unlimited miles

The 38MT+ also gives customers a choice, where they didn't have one before.

"We're excited to be able to offer the market a new product for applications where there were previously size and output constraints," says Daniel Boros, Director of HD Truck, Bus and Export. "Now we have a solution for all major North American OE truck applications. It's a great success story -- for Remy and our customers."

IOCP Part Number 8201084 will be available in March 2015.

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