Deflection Paddle Flow Transmitter Is Analog And Digital

The DWD is a flow transmitter with digital rate indication, analog output and two adjustable relays for monitoring flow rate values with an optional RS-232C serial interface. The proven paddle displacement-deflection measuring technique and a patented pendulum system with integral display electronics combine to provide a reliable and more economical option to alternate methods of measurement.


The flowing media presses against a paddle that is fastened to a pendulum, causing displacement of the paddle. The pendulum, retained by a progressive spring system, changes its position based upon the actual flow rate. A magnet attached to the pendulum is detected by a Hall-effect sensor which is completely isolated from contact with the media.


The signal is evaluated by microchip-based electronics with EEPROM memory. The DWD measuring range is factory configured according to the requested specifications and is supplied ready for operation once installed. The display is supplied oriented appropriately for the requested mounting position. Due to a wide variety of standard material combinations and process connections, the DWD can handle many applications including flow measurement in large line diameters. For greater insight, peruse the DWD datasheet and manual.


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