Defibrillation/Surge/ESD Protector Runs Low On Leakage

Defibrillation/Surge/ESD Protector Runs Low On Leakage
Maxim Integrated Products

The MAX30031 to MAX30034 patent-pending protection devices absorb repetitive defibrillation and other high-energy pulses to protect ECG and other medical/industrial equipment. The devices can withstand over 100,000 defibrillation pulses without failure.
Intended to replace gas-discharge tubes and transient absorbers, the devices use a combination of a rugged integrated circuit process and high-speed circuitry to ensure very fast turn-on times with trigger voltages low enough to not require secondary clamping circuitry. A hold current of approximately 175 mA ensures protection is maintained for the entire length of the high-energy transient event. The MAX30031to MAX30034 are available in 3 mm x 5 mm µMAX-8 packages and are specified over the 0°C to +70°C temperature range. Datasheets are available at

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