DecaWave Ships Its First 5 Scensor Evaluation Kits

DUBLIN, Ireland,-- DecaWave, a leading Dublin based fabless semiconductor company, has shipped the first 5 evaluation kits of its ScenSor chip to technology firms in the US, Germany, France, Israel and Korea. The kits enable trusted partners and customers of DecaWave to analyze the potential of ScenSor and see how their technology can benefit from the increased location precision and reduced power consumption ScenSor technology delivers.

ScenSor which was launched September 2008 has a wide range of applications for both Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) and Ultra Low Power Wireless Transceivers in areas as diverse as manufacturing, healthcare, lighting, security, transport, inventory and supply chain management. ScenSor's extremely low power (200 times less transmit power and 20 times less receive power than competing technologies) over a 70 m range allows it to be deployed in industrial/process environments and remain unattended for many years. For RTLS applications, the technology delivers location precision that is orders of magnitude more precise than existing technologies (±10cm vs. ±5m).

"Today's shipping announcement is a significant company milestone for DecaWave" says Ciaran Connell, CEO DecaWave. "We are delighted with industry interest in ScenSor—since it was announced last September we have attracted expressions of interest from 245 technology companies worldwide, and we are on course to deliver a further 5 evaluation kits in the coming weeks, fulfilling our business plan commitments," he says.

About DecaWave
DecaWave is a fabless semiconductor company specialising in the architecture and design of integrated circuits for communications equipment markets using/requiring the advantages afforded by ultra wideband technology. DecaWave's flagship product ScenSor is a complete, single chip CMOS ultra-wideband IC based on the IEEE 802.15.4a standard , and has applications in areas as diverse as manufacturing, healthcare, lighting, security, transport, inventory & supply chain management. healthcare, security and manufacturing. Production-ready silicon chips will ship in Q1 2010.

DecaWave is based in Dublin Ireland, and is privately held. The company is supported by Enterprise Ireland.

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