DecaWave Enables New RTLS Levels of Accuracy and Density

CAMBRIDGE, U.K. /PRNewswire/ -- DecaWave, a pioneering fabless semiconductor company based in Dublin, Ireland specializing in the design of Ultra Wideband (UWB) Real Time Location Services (RTLS) solutions, has enabled new industry levels of accuracy and density with the announcement of its groundbreaking new product ScenSor, previewing at the RFID Investment Summit Europe 2008 in Cambridge, England.

ScenSor—literally 'Seek, Communicate, Execute, Network, Sense, Obey, Respond'—offers new levels of accuracy and capability to the RTLS market. With ScenSor, up to 11,000 assets can be located in a radius of 20 m and to a precision of 10 cm. When deployed in a mesh network it can locate such a density of assets throughout a building, even if they are moving. ScenSor will be fully compliant with the IEEE802.15.4a standard; DecaWave owns patents which are essential for implementation of the standard. In addition DecaWave owns other patents which whilst not essential for implementing the standard result in a superior product performance (greater precision, greater operating distance, dramatically reduced power consumption).

"ScenSor enables new industry levels of accuracy and capability, and consigns 'zonal', and 'room-level' location and tracking solutions to the past," says Ciaran Connell, CEO DecaWave. "ScenSor's technology overcomes the accuracy and density obstacles encountered by alternative technology options for delivering RTLS, and offers levels of accuracy and density of location and tracking which are simply beyond the capability of other solutions," he says.

About DecaWave
DecaWave is a fabless semiconductor company based in Dublin, Ireland, specializing in the architecture and design of integrated circuits for communications equipment markets using/requiring the advantages afforded by ultra wideband technology. ScenSor has applications across a variety of industries including healthcare, security and manufacturing. Silicon prototypes of ScenSor will be ready in Q3 2009, while production-ready silicon chips will ship in Q1 2010.

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