DC/DC Converters handle IGBT and MOSFET Gate Drive Apps

DC/DC Converters handle IGBT and MOSFET Gate Drive Apps
Murata Power Solutions

The 3W MGJ3 and 6W MGJ6 configurable output voltage, high isolation dc/dc converters are optimized for use as high-side and low-side gate drivers in IGBT and MOSFET bridge circuit designs. Providing triple output voltages of +15, +5 and +5 Vdc, these converters provide optimum switching of IGBT drives for best overall system efficiency. In addition, the outputs are configurable to suit a number of different circuit requirements such as +15 and -5 VDC or +20 and -5 VDC. Both converters are available with a choice of wide input voltages around nominal +5, +12, or +24 Vdc inputs. Input ranges are 4.5 to 9 Vdc (+5 Vdc nominal), 9 to 18 Vdc (+12 Vdc nominal) and 18 to 36 Vdc (+24 Vdc nominal). Pricing in OEM quantities is $11.20 for the MGJ3 and $14.70 for the MGJ6. Datasheets are available at

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