DC/DC Converters Deliver High Power In Compact Packages

DC/DC Converters Deliver High Power In Compact Packages
TRACO Power North America Inc.

The TDN-WI Family of miniature dc/dc converters measure 0.52 in. x 0.36 in. x 0.4 in. with an ultra-wide 4-to-1 input range and 1.6 kVdc isolation. The isolated converters offer three power ranges: 1W, 3W, and 5W, each power range consisting of 48 unique models offering through-hole or surface-mount (add suffix SM) package types, input ranges of 4.5-13.2/9-36/18-75 Vdc and regulated outputs of 3.3/5/12/15/24/±5/±12/±15 Vdc. All models include remote On/Off, short-circuit, over current protection and EMC according EN55022 class A.

Through-Hole Specs:
• TDN 1WI: http://us.tracopower.com/products/browse-by-category/find/tdn-1wi/3
• TDN 3WI: http://us.tracopower.com/products/browse-by-category/find/tdn-3wi/3
• TDN 5WI: http://us.tracopower.com/products/browse-by-category/find/tdn-5wi/3

Surface-Mount Specs:
• TDN 1WISM: http://us.tracopower.com/products/browse-by-category/find/tdn-1wism/3
• TDN 3WISM: http://us.tracopower.com/products/browse-by-category/find/tdn-3wism/3
• TDN 5WISM: http://us.tracopower.com/products/browse-by-category/find/tdn-5wism/3

TRACO Power North America Inc.
San Jose, CA
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Company: TRACO Power North America Inc.
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