DC/DC Converter Delivers True 6A Performance

Texas Instruments’ TPSM82480 5.5V step-down dc/dc converter module promises true, continuous 6A output current with up to 95% efficiency. The module integrates power metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) and shielded inductors into a low-profile footprint that maintains the required 6A output current over the full temperature range without additional airflow. This is accomplished using a two-phase control topology that shares the load between the phases to ensure high efficiency and balanced operation. Additional features include adjustable soft start, voltage select (VSEL) to support multiple processor stages, and a power-good indicator.


TPSM82480 features:

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  • Ultra-small size: Two input/output capacitors and two resistors make up a complete solution footprint of 80 mm2 that measures just 1.5 mm in height.
  • High efficiency: An optional automatic power-save mode maintains high efficiency across the full load range.
  • Heat protection: Thermal-good output to alert the system to reduce power before overheating. 

Prototype samples of the TPSM82480 are available now. Offered in a 24-pin quad flat micro (QFM) MicroSIP package, the module is priced at $3.57 each/1,000-unit quantities. For more details and specs, checkout the TPSM82480 datasheet.

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