DC/DC Converter Cuts Current Consumption

ROHM’s BD70522GUL dc/dc converter with integrated MOSFET reportedly achieves the lowest current consumption in the industry. The device is an ultra-low-power converter designed to meet the needs of the IoT market to deliver 10-year operation on a single coin battery. Nano Energy technology enables a current consumption of 180 nA. This makes it possible to increase battery drive time by 1.4x over conventional products when operating without a load (standby), contributing to longer battery life in electronic devices powered by coin-type batteries (i.e. CR2025). At the same time, power conversion efficiency greater than 90% is achieved over the industry’s widest range, from light to max. loads (10 µA to 500 mA). Both the BD70522GUL and its evaluation board (BD70522GUL-EVK-101) are available for purchase through online distributors. Of course, for even deeper insights, you can check out the BD70522GUL datasheet as well as more details about the BD70522GUL-EVK-101.

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