Datawatch and ParStream Bring Blazingly Fast Visual Analytics to the Internet of Things

CHELMSFORD, MA -- Datawatch Corporation teams with ParStream to add visual data discovery capabilities to the industry's first analytics platform designed for the speed and scale of the Internet of Things (IoT).

ParStream developed the industry's first analytics platform purpose-built to handle the massive scale and velocity of IoT data streaming from applications, which often have hundreds to thousands of machines, devices and sensors. Using Datawatch as the visualization front-end, users of the ParStream Analytics Platform can glean actionable insights from IoT data in real-time.

The two companies are developing a series of vertical solutions for industries such as manufacturing, supply chain and telecommunications that are struggling to harness their IoT data to improve operations. For example, the companies will soon unveil a new call center solution with which companies can visualize and analyze billions of call data records in real-time to improve quality of service.

"Data is bigger and coming at us faster than ever. With more than two exabytes of data generated every single day, legacy database and analytics tools fall short of the new IoT requirements for speed, scale, and flexibility," said Syed Hoda, chief marketing officer for ParStream. "The ParStream/Datawatch solution lets users visually explore IoT data as its being loaded from its source for real-time analysis."

The analytics platform is powered by ParStream DB, the company's patented database with sub-second query response times in analyzing billions of rows of data. ParStream DB can analyze massive amounts of real-time streaming data as well as historical data. The platform also includes other tools designed for IoT, such a Geo-Distributed Analytics, which enable analytics close to the source of data.

Informatica Vibe provides the real-time Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) capabilities for streaming data.

As a visual data discovery platform, in addition to providing the visualization front-end, Datawatch also enables users to ingrate IoT streaming data with all kinds of other data sources – including unstructured and semi-structured data. Allowing users to visually identify trends, spot outliers and uncover new revenue opportunities in real time.

Companies using the ParStream/Datawatch solution can expect to roll out IoT applications twice as fast versus integrating components in-house from different vendors, with 30 percent less resources for testing and supporting applications.

"New advances in low cost sensor devices and their associated data streams are rapidly becoming a big source of differentiation for industrial organizations that can effectively harness this information for more meaningful and timely decisions," said Ben Plummer, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of Strategic Alliances for Datawatch Corporation. "Traditional BI and analytic approaches will not be sufficient in an era of high speed, high volume data streams – and this is where ParStream's analytics platform together with Datawatch's visualization capabilities provide a complete solution for IoT applications."

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