DataNab Enables Additional Services for Fleet Tracking

MANTORVILLE, MN -- DataNab, a supplier of low-cost sensors, automation components and streaming audio devices for commercial, industrial and residential systems, now offers its range of 1-Wire temperature sensors to Fleet Tracking and Asset Management companies—providing industrial grade communicating temperature sensors that can tie into existing GPS systems to provide temperature monitoring capabilities.

Fleet management companies offer solutions that use GPS devices and telematics to remotely track locations and monitor diagnostics of vehicles. DataNab's 1-Wire sensor technology provides these systems with the added benefit of monitoring engine, cab, trailer, or other temperatures, and delivers that information with the rest of the data in real time over the network—increasing safety, reliability and quality control. DataNab's stainless steel sensors are especially useful in these situations as they can withstand the dirt, shock and moisture associated with life on the road.

"The ability to monitor and log temperature data has been available for some time, but usually only locally at the vehicles," said Adam VanOort, president of DataNab. "Our 1-Wire sensor solutions in conjunction with existing GPS hardware and telematics technology gives fleet managers and companies an inexpensive option to access this pertinent information in real time, enabling a quick and intelligent response to critical temperature related maintenance, performance, and quality control data."

DataNab's 1-Wire temperature sensors are used globally and especially popular in HVAC and refrigeration, as well as solar, geothermal and other alternative energy systems to monitor and track system performance. The intelligent sensors feature built-in, uniquely addressed chips that enable multiple daisy-chained sensors to communicate back to a master over a single cable—ultimately reducing costs and installation time.

The unique design of 1-wire sensors allows multiple sensors to communicate over the same wire back to a single I/O pin on a device. This provides a more efficient alternative to traditional solutions that require a dedicated "home-run" cable and an independent input point for each sensor, and removes the need for multiple cable runs and A/D input connections on the device.

Fleet management companies can take advantage of this simplified network infrastructure by seamlessly connecting one or more DataNab 1-wire sensors, typically ranging from $10 to $25, to supported GPS devices within the vehicles. One option includes the 1WT_8SSP_3_RGD, a three-inch rugged stainless steel probe with the cable epoxied and sealed into the probe—resulting in a rugged, waterproof sensor ideal for harsh transportation and industrial applications.

Devices that currently do not support 1-Wire can usually add that functionality through a firmware update if the device has a programmable I/O pin available. Once connected, the devices can collect and report temperature data in real time. This eliminates the need to install and integrate more expensive independent systems to monitor temperature separately.

About DataNab
DataNab LLC is based in Mantorville, MN, USA, specializing in network-based solutions in a variety of applications including audio streaming and distribution, process controls, energy management, building automation, remote monitoring, and data acquisition. DataNab solutions are ideal for applications in AV, broadcast, security, building/facility management, alternative energy, temperature monitoring, and other markets.

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