Data Recorder Eliminates Slip Rings And Telemetry In Rotating Apps

Data Recorder Eliminates Slip Rings And Telemetry In Rotating Apps
Diversified Technical Systems (DTS) Inc.

For collecting data on rotating components like drive shafts, rotors, reciprocating rods, or to track vehicle treads, the miniature SLICE data recorder eliminates the need for slip rings and telemetry. The recorder is small enough to mount directly on the test article and it fits on virtually any moving or rotating part without altering test dynamics. For applications like measuring torque on a drive shaft, SLICE mounts directly on the shaft next to the strain gauges. A microprocessor manages a full featured signal conditioning and storage system that includes independent excitation sources, variable gain amplifiers, adjustable sampling rates from10 samples/s to 500 ksamples/s, and adjustable anti-alias filters up to 40 kHz. Other features include a 16-GB direct-write flash memory. For more details, visit  

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