Data Loggers Deliver Precise Temperature Data In Real Time

T&D Corp. introduces a series of data loggers featuring Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity that allow for real-time access to temperature data via the T&D ThermoREC mobile app. The series is designed for a broad range of industries including HVAC, food and beverage, industrial, and medical.


The three data loggers in the series include the TR41, TR42, and TR45. Each of these data loggers uses low energy Bluetooth technology to communicate directly with the T&D ThermoREC app to auto-collect data and graphs for monitoring. This data can also be simultaneously collected from multiple data loggers and uploaded to T&Ds free cloud-based WebStorage Service. This enables off-site users to have real-time access to the same data as on-site users.

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Features include:

  • TR41 features an internal sensor for IP-67 rated waterproof and dustproof protection with a temperature range of -40 to 80° C and has an accuracy of ± 0.5° C with a reference price of U.S. $109 each.
  • TR42 features an external sensor for quick response with IP-64 rated dustproof and splash proof protection and a temperature range of -60 to 155° C and has an accuracy of ± 0.3° C with a reference price of U.S. $129 each.
  • TR45 is both Thermocouple and Pt sensor compatible for wide range measurement. The screw terminals on the back of the data logger make it possible to connect either Thermocouple (types K, J, T, S, R) or Pt sensors. The temperature range of Thermocouple sensor types is -199 to 1760° C. Accuracy of Thermocouple sensor types K, J and T is ± (0.5° C + 0.3 percent of reading). Accuracy of Thermocouple sensor types S and R is ± (1.5° C + 0.3 percent of reading). The temperature range of the Pt sensor type is -199 to 600° C with an accuracy of ± (0.3° C + 0.3 percent of reading). TR45 data loggers have a reference price of U.S. $129 each.  

For more details, checkout the series datasheet and visit T&D Corp.

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