DAS Antenna Debuts As World's Thinnest

Laird Connectivity promotes its CFSA35606P as the world's thinnest, ultra low-profile DAS antenna with the broadest range of frequency coverage. Measuring 7.6-mm thick, the component is a low PIM, ceiling mounted antenna with omnidirectional pattern coverage optimized for indoor DAS coverage at 350-520, 600-960, 1350-1550, and 1690-6000 MHz for the UHF, 4G LTE, 2G/3G Cellular, UMTS/AWS-3, CBRS, and Wi-Fi frequency bands. Essentially, it is engineered specifically for public safety and FirstNet applications. 

The CFSA35606P is said to radiate an indoor signal up to 20% more efficiently than similar in-building Distributed Antenna System (DAS) antennas. The antenna can be mounted to a hard ceiling (model CFSA35606P1) or a ceiling tile (model CFSA35606P) and is labeled with a unique QR code that contains its VSWR and PIM values. Angle marking is provided on the radome, to simplify antenna orientation for optimized coverage. For more information, checkout the CFSA35606P datasheet.

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