DAQ System Accommodates Many Apps

DAQ System Accommodates Many Apps
Saelig Co. Inc.

The Rigol M300 Data Acquisition System relies on a modular mainframe format to handle numerous applications from multichannel scanning to switching and control. The mainframe holds up to five modules and up to 320 switch points. As per the company, its user-friendly graphical display makes scan configuration, monitoring, and storage significantly easier than more traditional front panel interfaces. Operable with or without a PC connection, the system includes UltraAcquire PC Software for advanced data-logging applications employing LAN- or USB-based remote control or data storage. Up to five M300 systems are controllable simultaneously for parallel scanning and high channel count applications from a single software interface.

Modules include:

• 6.5-digit DMM module
• 32-channel (four-wire measurements) and 64-channel single-ended multiplexers
• mix-multiplexer with 20 voltage channels and four current channels,
• multiplexer with 20 voltage channels and four current channels
• 16-channel actuator
• multifunction module with four eight-bit digital input/output ports, four totalizer input ports, and four analog output ports
• 32 channel (4×8) two-wire matrix switch
• dual 4-channel RF multiplexer to switch high frequency or pulse signals.

Rigol M300 systems are available with a four to six week lead time, starting at under $1,400 for the M301 mainframe, which includes the MC3065 DMM module and UltraAcquire software. A datasheet is available at http://www.saelig.com/supplier/Rigol/M300_DataSheet.pdf  

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