DAQ Synch Module Delivers Real-Time Alignment

DAQ Synch Module Delivers Real-Time Alignment
Microstar Laboratories Inc.

Microstar Laboratories’ latest Time Base Synchronization module performs real-time alignment of acquired data sets at multiple measurement stations using xDAP data acquisition equipment. As per the company, this software requires no elaborate time protocols or complicated communication stacks, a simple timing pulse stream is sufficient. The Time Base Synchronization module observes the timing reference signal and the measured signals in a common multichannel data stream. Using basic sampling theory, samples that form a valid representation of the signal are sufficient to determine the value of the signal at any point, not just at sample positions. So the Time Base Synchronization module picks the points where the user wants them. Configuring this processing requires two commands: one to perform the timing analysis and the other to apply the numerical evaluations. The Time Base Synchronization Module is available with the DAPtools Standard software package, with purchase of an xDAP data acquisition system, or as a software upgrade. A one-time license fee for the DAPtools Standard package, including the Time Base Synchronization processing module, is $195. More about info on the Time Base Synchronization module is available at

Microstar Laboratories
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